Chabad House Student Center

Chabad’s role on campus, simply speaking, is to provide a home away from home for Jewish students at the University of Michigan. Students are welcomed in a family-style atmosphere that places importance upon individual learning and attention within the greater University. Jewish students, regardless of observance level, are encouraged to stop by, relax, schmooze...

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Torah Enrichment Program - Youth Education

Education has been the key to Jewish spirituality, as well as a cornerstone of our survival for thousands of years. By educating the young, we help ensure Jewish continuity. Through Ann Arbor Chabad's Torah Enrichment Program, your child will acquire the valuable skills of Hebrew reading, writing, and comprehension.

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T.E.A.C.H. - Adult Education Torah Education At Chabad House

Chabad offers a full range of exciting and rewarding classes in Judaism. Classes are offered to everyone and no prior knowledge or background is necessary. All levels welcome. We invite you to join us. There is no charge for the classes and are open to the public.

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